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€ 80

Length: 75 mins



The re-balancing and calming effect of the iconic essential oils of Provence: Lavender & Everlasting. A gentle scrub, combined with a relaxing and detoxifying massage, for a harmonizing journey.


A completely manual Yon-Ka massage which is a combination of relaxing, draining and energizing techniques for a highly relaxing and renewing experience.

A re-energising breath of fresh air with essentials oils of Cedar and Cypress inspired by French forests. This invigorating experience includes san intense salt scrub, followed by a sculpting bamboo-based leg massage for a renewed feeling of lightness and well-being.


A toning massage with bamboo for an ultimate relaxing experience. The bamboo will work the legs, perfectly following their outline. The pressures are both vibrational and gentle for a sensation of lightness that is particularly beneficial for the legs

Transport to a heavenly place with the warm and floral notes of Tiare flowers and Jasmine. A decadent 2-sugar scrub, combined with an indulgent massage plus hot volcanic stones to relax your body and mind, so you can totally “let go” and enjoy the journey.


A relaxing massage with warm volcanic stones for intense relaxation and well-being. On the back, volcanic stones warm the muscles and activate microcirculation to ease muscle tension and invite your mind to escape.

Corsica’s fruity fragrances and its revitalising Mandarin and Sweet Orange notes. A sweet gourmet scrub, combined with a re-balancing massage to awaken your senses, free you from stress and fight against physical and mental fatigue to recover your energy levels.


A rebalancing massage with hand and foot acupressure; a sustained pressure with fingertips on specific zones of the hands and feet to remove energy blockages, relieve stress and relax. With your new-found energy, you will be able to resume daily tasks with increased energy and positivity.